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From 2007

Founded in 2007, Auluxe is derived from “Audio”and “Luxury”. This Brand characterizes natural aesthetics and professionally generation of true sound.

Numerous audiophiles and also whom possess acoustic expertise together own a same passion for high end hifi making and mastery the art of handcraftsmanship. They bring a visionary concept to Auluxe – Taste, Nature Luxurious, Green Design. Auluxe enduring strength lies on these three fundamental values established by our founders. Together these values are perfected and revealed through Auluxe collection and Auluxe projects that is truly unique.

Our Brand
Auluxe Philosophy

Auluxe designs the finest acoustic performing products with nature materials and art Handcrafted synonymous with luxurious touch. Each Auluxe speaker has unique acoustical tale, every strict part of Auluxe development process meets the highest professional quality review and commited assurance. An Auluxe speaker generates a timeless style and compliments comfort living decoration. Elegant, subtle taste, great fulfilling functionality to every perfection.

An Auluxe speaker’s classic style appeals to all genders and ages. Nature luxurious and fine handcraft quality are core value that emphazises Auluxe. Auluxe products are a lifestyle symbol.

High Quality
Art & Craft

Craftsmanship in Auluxe is the embodiment of profession achievement, knowledge of genuine expectations of defined vision.

For Auluxe, craftsmanship is the achievement of design. From richly textured and cabinet layers to surface veneer finishing of maple woods, Auluxe proudly walks on its revolutionary technology, We believe that sound performance requires mature-skilled hands and high quality nature materials.

Perfect Process
Innovation & Tech

Auluxe research and development defines new innovations in speaker construction
that reflects in all acoustic performance of Auluxe products.
Special test on speaker cone units, magnetic assembly solution and foam edges details are critical of every part the product is built.
Auluxe electronic engineers team apply the latest development in psycho-acoustics and surround sound
to produce a surround sound stage of unparalleled scope and fidelity.

Auluxe is an amalgam of art and science.
At the heart of the science is loudspeaker driver that propagates the sound waves heard.
Auluxe drivers are register patented in use of high fidelity magnetic coil transducers from exceptional quality.
With razor sharp imaging and tight tonal response while still sounding warm and well resonant.

Auluxe speakers will take music of varieties of sources, CD, MP3, internet streaming, and transform the electronic signals
to luxuriant tones and plangent rhythms.

reddot design award winner 2014
reddot design award winner 2011
reddot design award winner 2009
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