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Feb 24, 2015
Practical Music System, sounds good – and even smells lovely

Auluxe Dew Mini Hi-Fi system

A sound system that’s practical, sounds good
– and even smells lovely


Thank heavens – I mean, boo hoo – it’s almost back-to-school and -university time. And those with student offspring know they’ll want a sound system for their fetid rooms, but no parent feels inclined to buy anything decent as it’s bound to be stolen or have beer spilt all over it by Christmas.

Marks & Spencer, of all stores, may have the solution in this, the extraordinarily stylish Auluxe Dew Mini Hi-Fi System. In its slightly peculiar bid to get into non-M&S-branded technology, it has sourced the Dew from a cool, unknown manufacturer in Taiwan. It’s a two-speaker plus subwoofer set much like many in places such as Dixons-as-was, with a decent sound and a truly beautiful design, in either a light, lovely-smelling wood veneer like this one, or glossy black.

The Dew doesn’t have a CD player or an iPod docking station, and is made to have an iPod or similar fired directly into it via a standard 3.5mm jack-plug lead. It’s practical, great quality, attractive and sensible, in other words. Now all you’ll have to do is convince the lads to have a school/uni hi-fi that hails from M&S.

£199, from selected branches of Marks & Spencer (0845-6031603; See for details.

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