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New Breeze
This subtle classic appearance with hand-made walnut wood, which is built attentively under hundred steps of craft process; Finest tone walnut veneer of Auluxe New Breeze enhances its visual quality and timeless elegance. New Breeze's speaker unit is made with angora wool fiber and embodied four- inch bass, which gives powerful rich performance. New Breeze fulfills dual Bluetooth and NFC wireless music stream, diverse facilitate transmission, 2.1 stereo channel. Auluxe New Breeze enabling audiophiles to improve pure sound enjoyment with improve definition in acoustic enjoyment.

Mastering Dual Wireless Transfer.  APPLE Bluetooth/ Android NFC


Attentive Hand Made Craftsmanship
builds up Auluxe Classic Aesthetic

This hand-crafted wooden sound system is so elegant as the advantage of wood cell can breath and reproduce mellow resonance to its specific performance. This up-scale taste and beauty within New breeze that reflects extraordinary style of your own .

Simplicity, Gentle, Timeless

As time goes by, the nature of wood has been rendered to each of the material responsive and evoke the harmony in time movement. This wooden veneer on top enhances its delicacy and softness which subtlety reveals the hidden value of wood texture.

Enjoy Unique Auluxe Resonance from Nature

Using wool as the speaker diaphragm monomer material, New Breeze reproduces the sound tension and creates the experience as in opera theater. With its oscillation, New Breeze reveals a pure sound acoustic technology. Also it's computing through sophisticated physics principles to covey the best resonance of sound quality.
Not only to soften the harsh high frequency but also capture clearer at lower frequency; it is the key to gentle mellow sound of New Breeze which implies high quality of natural materials.

Feel the Sound, Indulge in Mellow Acoustics

Our speaker units are made with the highest quality natural materials such as angora wool and high percentage of cotton,bringing you an original 3-dimensional sound that surrounds lifelike with comfortable mellow effect.


Begin Every Wonderful Day

Down in physical needs, everyone tends to seek the feel of "Comfortable and Serenity." Starting with that goal, Auluxe launches our stunning New Breeze – the wooden hand-crafted speaker,  under attentive hundreds steps crafting process to create warm smooth high quality texture. With crystal clear and lifelike quality of sound, New Breeze applies the latest technology features that enable you to enjoy your favorite music, also giving you better sensational feel both in visual and audio.


                                        Bluetooth                       NFC                   USB Charging                  AUX in                  Hands-Free                  FM Radio                 Dual Alarm


Intelligent Bluetooth Transmission.
Intuitive Play Music Everywhere

Pressing " Bluetooth" fast key on the panel, LED panel will appear pairing information,
and then clicking on your music source device to complete the connection.

One Spot, Multiple Functions, Meet Different Needs.


Able to paired and quickly play music, put the NFC sensor of handheld device corresponding to "N" on the digital sound device for 1-5 seconds.
When a call comes in under Bluetooth mode, just tap once to enter hand free function to have conversation under PA state. ( click again to end the call) 

Personal Alarm   
Combining daily need with alarm clock

2 Set alarm cloch memory. Set up your favorite radio station or music as alarm music to wake up or snooze for a little.

Provides iPod/iPhone and Android smartphone to charge (Power cord not inclued)
Support music play with iPod/iPhone/iPad, with compatible cord. (Not included)

reddot design award winner 2014
reddot design award winner 2011
reddot design award winner 2009
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