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Aurora Wood
Aurora Wireless Music System is designed to enhance exquisite listening experience, transforming sound quality into a state of mind. Convert a simple family room into a full-fledged amphitheatre, revealing a poignant sence of self-satisfaction that one’s musical realities are in flourishing, adding solid richness to any setting. Crafted with care for assured performance, Aurora elevates the unity of audio and mind, true charming catalyst for luxurious sound.


First and Ever.
New Milestone of Active Touch Panel Bluetooth Sound System


         Cherry Wood / Navy Blue                             Cherry Wood/ Mustard Yellow                       Cherry Wood/ Purple Grape                      Cherry Wood/ Ox Red


Attentive hand made Craftsmanship
builds up Auluxe classic aesthetic

Auluxe Signature Expression. This round oval-shape cabinet takes more than 13 hours attentive detailing hand-made craftsmanship and 197 procedures to accomplish exquisitely subtle elegance. With sophisticated surface processing technology, pushing every details of work to our boundaries. Aurora symbolizes cross symphony of craftsmanship and avent-grade styling, also fine combination of outstanding visual and acoustic profession quality.


Simplicity, Gentle, Timeless

As time goes by, the nature of wood has been rendered to each of the material responsive and evoke the harmony in time movement.  This wooden veneer on top enhances its delicacy and softness which subtlety reveals the hidden value of wood texture.

Enjoy Unique Auluxe Resonance from Nature


Using wool as the speaker diaphragm monomer material, Aurora reproduces  the sound tension and creates the experience as in opera theater. With its oscillation, Aurora reveals a pure sound acoustic technology. Also it's computing through sophisticated physicsprinciples to covey the best resonance of sound quality. Not only to soften the harsh high frequency but also capture clearer at lower frequency; it is the key to gentle mellow sound of Aurora which implies high quality of natural materials.


Feel the Sound, Indulge in Mellow Acoustics

We only use raw materials and environmentally friendly technology to develop our products. Our speaker units are madewith the highest quality natural materials such as angora wool and cotton, bringing you an original sound that surrounds you with warmth. Select quality materials and environmentally friendly technology to develop Auluxe products. Our speaker units are made with the highest quality natural materials such as angora wool and high percentage of cotton, bringing you an original sound that surrounds lifelike with comfortable mellow effect.



Taste New Tradition of Contemporary Audio Art

Never stop pursuiting high quality workmanship in design, pushing innovative technology to our boundaries for enhancing product value. Auluxe applies latest wooden touch sensor technology on Aurora panel which brings the traditional craftsmanship into fashion technology and carries out Auluxe exclusive classic features; which is perfectly easy to operate, intuitive and handy.

                                    Sensor Pairing On/Off                    Volume UP                            Volume Down                       Auto Sleep Mode
                                                                                                                                   Pending > 3mins

Intelligent Bluetooth Transmission.
Easy to Play Music Everywhere

Having remote control with Bluetooth wireless transmission anytime.


Reliable Bluetooth Transmission

Touching both C symbols on the top panel can activate or deactivate the Bluetooth mode. Through its smooth user-friendly interface and via Bluetooth wireless streaming, experiencing unlimited music play with Auluxe Aurora Wood.

AUX in

Aurora Wood can be used with wide majority music devices via 3.5 mm input jack.

As deluxe Speaker system, Aurora Wood can also uses 3.5 mm Aux in connecting such as Tablet, CD, DVD, MP3 Player, TV, NB...and more compatible devices.

Beautiful present in 4 Colours. Pretty to watch , Touch natural softness,
Listen Enhanced Bass for Fuller and detailed Sensual Perform. 

reddot design award winner 2014
reddot design award winner 2011
reddot design award winner 2009
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