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Aurora Color

Compact Inspiring Blutooth Speaker. Designed in best fit size to complete this modern look, together applied touch panel technology. Hidden keys are placed on top of Aurora Color, a gentle touch followed Auluxe instruction activate Bluetooth transmission , volume control or put on energy saving mode. A new way to chill in your comfort with modern inspiration. 
Simply, the Definition of Art.
Handcrafted Speakers for Pure Audio Luxury.
Listen Auluxe warm resonance

Exquisite natural materials and Power of Sound merge in one of the most comfortable listening concept. By applying acoustic principles, Auluxe has made a breakthrough in significantly enhanced soften sound resonance which is best to human ear.


Intelligent Touch Sensor, Stuns by Using


Glossy White / Yellow                                  Glossy White/ Siliver                                     Glossy White / Purple                                    Glossy White / Green 


Intuitive, Intelligent, Integrity Design

The “Cs” engraved on top of Aurora Color are Volume key. Gentle touch on single key to adjust its volume,
both touching to activate/deactivate Bluetooth function. Breaking easy control with elegant manner.
Energy saving mode will auto activate for over 3 mins no sound source streaming.
A symphony of functional technology and modern design to Auluxe expression.

                                        Touch both Icon                                   Touch left Icon                                   Touch right Icon                            Energy Saving Mode
                                       BT pairing ON/OFF                                  Volume Down                                       Volume Up                             AI control Energy Saving Mode


Intelligent Bluetooth Transmission 
Easy to Stream your playlist

4 Modern colors, designed for stylish new comers.
Updating Bluetooth transmission and powered by full range speakers, Aurora Color reproduces high fidelity sound.  

Hidden key designed the best angle of control on top on Aurora Color,
light touch on left or right adjust its volume.
Touch two keys together to start /deactivate its Bluetooth transmission.

Touch Panel & Bluetooth Transmission

Intuitive control, both keys holding to activate/deactivate Bluetooth streaming.
Creative and effortless modern technology.

3.5 mm AUX in

Aurora Color Can be used for high definition speaker with
majority audio devices via 3.5 mm input jack. (Tablets, CD,DVD, MP3 Player, TV, NB…etc)


Deepen Engagement, Closer to its Origin 

Hear from Nature. Manufactured comply EU RoHas, WEEE and EuP Green Policy.
Energy saving mode will auto activate for over 3 mins no sound source streaming.
Creating inventive, environment friendly and unique concepts to advance.


reddot design award winner 2014
reddot design award winner 2011
reddot design award winner 2009
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