auluxe classic


MB1, compact Bluetooth wireless speaker for modern comfort living space.

Designed based on using straight lines balancing the cubic angle configuration. The simple design and texture with its hidden control configuration allows MB1 suitable to fit in most style of spaces.


Wireless Meets iOS and Android

Duel Support Bluetooth and NFC users.
NFC (Near Field Communication), works with all NFC enable devices from Andriod Smartphone. Instantly tap NFC
smartphone onto NFC area of MB1 “N” mark, start pairing with sharp “Beep” note, and begin music playing.




Charge USB mobile devices Effortlessly


Provides iPad, iPhone and Android smartphone to charge (Power cord not inclued)

Amaze more than its Beauty

 ◆  2.5" full-range drive unit   ◆  Intuitive touch panel  ◆  Music plays via Bluetooth & NFC & AUX IN


Experience Auluxe Tune from innovation

Embody Auluxe lab 2.5 inch full range speaker unit, with AccuPipe technology applies.
Auluxe Aura has impressive effect especially at low frequency performance near Hi-Fi audio standard.


Feel Extraordinary. Optimize your Space


Digital Integration from human centered design. Modern Classic Outlook.
Updating 2.1+EDR wireless technology applied for shaping realistic sensual vibe.


reddot design award winner 2014
reddot design award winner 2011
reddot design award winner 2009
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