auluxe classic


Dynamic Simplicity Design achieving another best furniture piece and relaxing listen concept for living space. Employ mix of symmetrical lines and proportional squared angle, creating a balance of acoustic scheme from this compact Z2. Lifelike wireless transmission technology 3.0+EDR applied, sensor touch intuitive control on top of Z2 panel.
Simply, the Definition of Art.
Handcrafted Speakers for Pure Audio Luxury.
Listen Auluxe warm sound

Exquisite natural materials and Power of Sound merge in one of the most comfortable listening concept. By applying acoustic principles, Auluxe has made a breakthrough in significantly enhanced soften sound resonance which is best to human ear.


Modern Simplicity, Absolute Seamless Design.

  ◆ Embody two 3” full range units. ◆ Support Bluetooth, NFC & AUXin sound transmission.  
  ◆ Intuitive Touch Panel. ◆ Compact, Modern Tasteful fashion.  


Spectacular Fashion. Glossy Touch Panel on top of Auluxe Z2 from bimolecular touch
sensoroperational approach. A gentle touch do it all.

Hands-free Feature

Built-in microphone. Zues Z2 has anti-noise feature which helps eliminating ambient
noise that effectively helps both side to have clear conversation talk quality.




Auto Bluetooth Pairing, Instant Link & Play 


3.0+EDR Bluetooth technology applied for delivering realistic sound performance.
Support majority smartphone device, pure wireless sound from Zeus that doesn’t compromise on audio quality. 


Meet Wireless Bluetooth and NFC pairing

Stream sound without cord in Duel systems. 
Bluetooth and NFC (Near Field Communication). Support NFC enable device from Andriod Smartphone. Instantly tap NFC smartphone onto NFC area of Z2 “N” mark, start pairing with sharp “Beep” note, and begin music playing. 

Outstanding Modern Transformation


Refinement and innovation are constant attributes of the ever-growing in audio industry.
Now presents in glossy white and glossy black. This world's desirable new fashion just got even simplier.


reddot design award winner 2014
reddot design award winner 2011
reddot design award winner 2009
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